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Services for refugees and migrants in Alice Springs

MCSCA can help you to

  • learn more about the Australian way of life, how systems work, what supports you can access to help you settle in well
  • make new friends through MCSCA’s regular meet and greet events
  • access Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) (eligibility rules apply)
  • meet other parents and finds friends for your children through the SUSU Mama Playgroup
  • meet people from your country / culture / language
  • keep up to date with what is happening by and for the migrant and multicultural community in Alice Springs
  • access MCSCA’s computer suite to assist you with researching and applying for work.

If you are a service provider, and would like to refer a client to use our services, please complete our referral form.

MCSCA Services for the multicultural community

MCSCA can help you through

  • Multicultural Grant program
  • MCSCA regular meet and greet events, Big Day Out in Harmony, social events and information sessions
  • SUSU Mama Playgroup
  • Computer suite to assist you with researching and applying for work
  • Assistance with setting up an incorporated association for your cultural group
  • Access to facilities for meetings, cultural group rehearsals etc

MCSCA Services for multicultural groups

MCSCA can help you to

  • connect with existing cultural groups and associations
  • form your own incorporated association for your cultural group
  • learn more about governance and organising the running of an association
  • learn how to access grant funding for events and other activities for your association
  • participate in Big Day Out in Harmony and share your culture with the wider community
  • represent your community in consultations with government agencies

Useful Contacts

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