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Project title: Migration Snapshot of the Centre: Planning for Positive Future

This research project is managed by the Multicultural Community Services of Central Australia (MCSCA), and funded by the Northern Territory Government. The research is conducted by Dr Benxiang Zeng, an independent consultant. This research has approval from the Central Australian Human Research Ethics Committee (Reference No. CA-20-3817).

The main aim of the project is to collect up-to-date demographic information of migrants to establish a reliable dataset, and to understand the experience, aspirations and challenges faced by migrants in Central Australia. MCSCA expects that this project will provide accurate information about migrants in Central Australia especially in the Alice Springs region, and inform Commonwealth and Territory government’s decision making in providing better services for migrants in our region.

The project started in July 2020 and will finish in April 2021. The data collection will be conducted from August 2020 via a questionnaire/survey and through focus group discussions. All migrants are invited to participate in the online survey to answer some questions about experiences and understanding of migration as a migrant. The questions include some personal information, experiences, understandings, perceptions and suggestions regarding migrants, migration policies and services.

The questionnaire/survey is available online, and can also be accessed by email or a paper form. The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete. Click here to start the survey

All responses will remain private/confidential. The information collected from each participant will be used to create a research report about migrants in Central Australia which will help in decision making on housing, health, employment, education and other community issues.

There is no obligation to participate and participants can withdraw at any stage of the study. There are no anticipated risks to participants as a result of participation in this research project. All results will be aggregated and reported anonymously in the final document. The final document will be publicly available here and/or the Northern Territory Government’s website subject to related policies.