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MCSCA has set up the Fostering Integration project to help address issues stemming from a lack of understanding of Australian laws and social expectations, to help migrants to be more able to navigate mainstream services and to better participate in civic life.

The project assists migrants and refugees to settle in Alice Springs by education about various aspect of Australian society, by organising information sessions on topics such as: Family & Parenting, Australia’s three-tiered system of government, civic duties, compulsory voting, serving on a jury and the principles of liberal democracy such as respect for cultural, religious and racial diversity.

MCSCA works with service providers in Alice Springs to offer information sessions on topics chosen following discussions with migrant community members.

MCSCA is reaching out to all new migrants, refugees, spouses and new citizens.  We are discussing the issues they face and also any barriers they are experiencing to settling in to life in Alice Springs.

MCSCA received funding from the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs to carry out this project. The project runs till April 2020.