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Our Aims & Objectives Print E-mail
Our Principles

Respect for cultural diversity while assisting new arrivals to understand their new environment.

Equal opportunity in access and equity to services.

Integration, acceptance and understanding of difference.

Cultural diversity shall be promoted at all levels of the organisation and within the community.

Our Objectives

• Represent and assist migrants and recent arrivals to Central Australia in assessing the services they need to facilitate settlement

• Facilitate integration into Australian society by understanding its values and lifestyles

• Provide services to migrants coming to Alice Springs who originally settled elsewhere in Australia, to assist with adapting to the specific and challenging issues of a remote location

• Assist newly formed CALD groups to provide social and cultural activities that support individuals and families to become part of the wider community

• Provide targeted assistance to groups facing particular challenges in integrating into Australian formal and informal systems and societies

• Provide appropriate, consistent and regular liaison between CALD, individuals and communities and other organisations, employers, mainstream service providers and government departments

Our Vision

• To provide services, representation and leadership for the CALD community in Central Australia

• That people from CALD backgrounds have equal opportunity and access to services and participation in the communty at large

• To strive for a society which respects multiculturalism and diversity, and welcome new arrivals and facilitates integration into Australian society

Our Mission

• To provide support, orientation and information to people of many cultural backgrounds who wish to settle in Central Australia

• To assist community understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity and promote multiculturalism

• To facilitate integration in to Australian Society and understanding of Australian values and lifestyles