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Our Aims & Objectives Print E-mail
  • To assist community understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity and promote multiculturalism
  • To re-position MCSCA to have a broader role in representing the interests of migrant and recent arrivals in Central Australia.
  • To facilitate integration into Australian society and understanding of its values and lifestyle 
  • Providing secondary services to migrants coming to Alice who have been settled elsewhere, but Alice is so different they need re-settlement support. The remote environment is sometimes very challenging 
  • Assist newly formed CALD groups and support social and cultural activities for individuals and families, and to become part of the wider community
  • Finding new ways of supporting migrants coming as spouses and often experiencing settlement difficulties
  • New ways of supporting workers on 457 visa to integrate and successful stay in the community
  • Assist in the understanding of the changing socio-economic conditions in Alice Springs
  • More focus on groups and individuals to become integrated in to Australian systems and society
  • Liaise between CALD individuals and communities and other organizations, employers, service providers and government departments

MCSCA Vision
  • To provide services, representation and leadership for the CALD community in Central Australia
  • That people from CALD background have equal opportunity and access to services and participate in the community at large
  • To strive for a society which respects multiculturalism and diversity, and welcomes new arrivals and facilitates integration into Australian society